Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 followers! Woohoo!

Having finished my last post, I discovered that I have 10 followers. WOOHOO! You have no idea how exciting this is to me. When I started this blog, I thought I'd be lucky if my followers amounted to my girlfriend, a few close friends, and maybe some really really bored acquaintances. I mean, that's pretty much who reads this now, but I didn't think there would be so many as 10! And this, my friends, is no mark against you ... I just often doubt my ability to be interesting on a frequent basis. (Ahhh...the joys of being a professional clown!)

This, surely, requires a celebration! So ... in honor of my 10 followers (you know who you are ... and who the others are too...they're listed on the right hand side...), here are 10 things that have made me happy in the last week (especially since my last post was a little...depressing). Hopefully there's at least one thing for each of you ...

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urNyg1ftMIU

"Wanna tank and spank?"

2. say it with me: "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

3. One of the reasons I love the Japanese:


4. Icanhazcheeseburger.com:

5. Olympic Hockey!

6. Anne of Green Gables [See: Colleen Dewhurst]

7. Farmville!

8. Randomly awesome graphs!

9. Brie!

and finally...

10. The Golden Girls! "Thank you for being a friend!"

Honorable mentions:

South Park
The Food Network
This blog post is brought to you by:

All things bright and beautiful
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H said...

I thought I signed up to be a follower too. Oh well... I *do* follow (even if it's not "official").

Phoenix said...

At least five of these make me gloriously happy, including brie, LOL CATS, The Guild's music video (can Felica BE any cuter?) Olympic Hockey, and of course, you.


Radical Bradacal said...

well, the honorable mention section is for those of the lurking variety, but besides you and one ore two others, I can't imagine there are many of them, either. But thank you just the same!

Jen said...

Well, I was a lurker but forgot I had a blogger account... so now you have 11! But really, my blog wil be super boring for you to follow :)