Friday, August 14, 2009

The more you know...

...the more IQ points you lose.

Random. Definitely disturbing. Slightly interesting. According to

Cougar: An older heterosexual woman in pursuit of a much younger man.

Leopard: lesbian version of a cougar.

OWL: Same as Leopard, stands for Older. Wiser. Lesbian.

Panther: gay male version of a cougar.

Rooster: same as Panther, but a positive connotation (handsome older man).

Chicken Hawk: same as Panther, but a negative connotation (predatory, pedophile).

Faguar: a) same definition as Chicken Hawk...
b) a straight woman who pursues a gay man

on the other end...

Dragon: A younger lesbian in pursuit of a much older lesbian, for financial reasons.

Cougler: A young, heterosexual man in pursuit of a much older women, for experience/emotional reasons.

Candyboi: A young gay man being kept (financially) by an older man.

Houseboi: same as Candyboi.

Uhm. Who makes this stuff up?? I know, I probably shouldn't have posted this, but I find it oddly fascinating. Like a bad train wreck.


Kristin Quinn said...

I only knew the cougar term. I wonder what kind of lifestyle will be branded for the polar bear....

Anonymous said...

Oh, The things you list! But you never fail to teach & entertain... even when it's strange and disturbing.


Radical Bradacal said...

Kristin - my grand hope is to never be so categorized. If I can be pegged down, I'm not doing my job. ;)

Leslie - I find 95% of to be strange and disturbing. I think it's the cause for it's popularity. Most of the words related to gay men, for example, were derogatory and homophobic. Kind of makes me wonder what process occurs when someone submits a new word... *evil grin*

Phoenix said...

Woah. I just heard "Chicken Hawk" for the first time on Friday, so that just goes to show the weird synchronicity that our lives constantly display.

Used in a sentence, my friend Zak said: "Yeah, I heard both Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey are Chicken Hawks."

Which I (sadly) believe.