Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In the bit of my day that is reserved for time-wasting [see: all of it], I saw an add on facebook that appalled me.

It's Ted Kennedy's senatorial photo in front of the capital building, like so:

The headline reads,

Ted Kennedy, R.I.P

The tagline says,
Support the legacy of the liberal lion. Purchase Kennedy books, apparel, and videos.

The link takes you here.

So apparently, supporting a legacy means forking over some cash for crap that you don't need. How American! Is it a revolutionary idea to support Teddy Kennedy's legacy by, oh, I don't know, voting for a government health care option? Or maybe supporting marriage rights for all US citizens? Can't we do something to support his legacy, rather than buy it?

No? Too much?

The real irony is that in some sales pitch, somewhere, they're urging us to "Buy American" for our foundering economy, while waving a patriotic flag for a native son ... but the merchandise they're asking us to buy was probably made in China, and contains high levels of mercury.

Cancer, anyone?
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Phoenix said...

People think that love, and loyalty, and memories, are for purchase, right up until the day they realize they are wrong.