Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm sitting in front of a giant bay window at the main office of the Company, looking out onto a steel-gray sky. There are two (count, two) trees on campus which have bloomed over the past two days into the most brilliant yellow/orange (pictures to come soon, I promise!), and I can see them fully from where I'm sitting. Against the dark, the trees are even more brilliant, especially as random bolts of sun burst through cloud openings.

The Kings of Leon rolled onto my itunes play list, my earbuds securely in place, the epicness of my heart reflected back at me, thrumming through music.

In this moment, I am grateful. I am joyous. I am alive. And I have never been more enthralled and inspired to be so.

I have $26.00 in my bank account. I work 13-14 hour days. I am far from the ones I love. But God is here ... right here ... in this moment with me. And in this moment, I am perfect.
This blog post is brought to you by:

The Kings of Leon
The Epicness of the Human Heart


Kristin Quinn said...

That is uplifting :) Yes, sometimes when the moment is perfect, the bank account and every other worry diminishes. Let's pray for more moments like those!

H said...

I love this!
You *seem* joyous, Alyssa. :D
And I believe that your grateful spirit will bring you even more happiness in the days to come. All is well!

Phoenix said...

I love this post so incredibly much, it made me cry.