Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Fact: Good things always happen when I talk to Tracy.

So I was talking to Tracy on Friday night. And I was mentioning to her that this year, I'm going to Calgary for Christmas and New Year's, and that I'm broke as a joke. And the only thing ... the only thing that I want for Christmas is to spend it with Liz (Strangely, educational Shakespeare doesn't pay in gold bouillon...).

And off the top of my head, I said, "Maybe I should just send out a memo for people to give me money for Christmas, rather than buying me things that I don't need."

And she said, "That's a great idea. Set up a PayPal account!"

I said, "A PayPal Account?"

And she said, "Yeah!" And then went on to explain how that would work. Because she's awesome. And brilliant. And awesomely brilliant. And brilliantly awesome. (okay, I'm done)

So here I am. A PayPal Account set up for anyone who wants to donate to the "Poor Starving Artist's Christmas Fund," or, "Alyssa's Canada for Christmas Fund." Whichever you prefer. The only thing I can give you in return is gratitude, mixed CD's, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. (I make wicked chocolate chip cookies).

By the way, this only applies to anyone who was thinking of getting me a Christmas present. Many of you don't know me. In fact, you probably have no idea who I am. And why would you get me a Christmas present?? You wouldn't. And even some of you who DO know me, wouldn't get me a Christmas present. And that's okay too. But there are some out there who might, because you're incredibly generous, loving human beings who, for what ever reason, deem me important enough to buy a gift for. And to you, my dear friend/family member/ghost of Christmas past, I say, don't buy me anything. I don't need things. I just need traveling cash.

Did I mention that I make an awesome mixed CD?

If you're interested, this is the link:

What I want for Christmas:

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H said...

How sweet is that?

May this Christmas be a rewarding one for you!

Phoenix said...

YAAAY! You did it!! And, um, is there anyway I can link to this blog off my blog? If you want your privacy, I understand...but I'd love to at least give you a chance to get a little more traveling money by plugging you on my blog.

Pretty please, oh best friend of mine? :)

Radical Bradacal said...

H wins the prize for donating first. She's lightening fast.

Tracy, of COURSE you can. You don't need my permission.

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Lysie! And I'm donating after I get my next paycheck, lol.