Sunday, February 28, 2010

The last dance ... err ... hockey game.

Okay. So there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that after today, you'll no longer have to be bothered by notifications about my rants/observations/pleas regarding the Olympics.

The bad news is that after today, there's no more Olympics.

I would like to thank NBC for providing live coverage for the gold medal game in Men's Hockey. Thanks for listening to my calm, polite, and in no-way sarcastic grievances. What's that? You didn't read my letter because my blog is the most obscure piece of web-related literature ever to haunt the annals of the blogosphere?? That's okay. I think my brilliance was acute enough to reach you without even knowing it. Yep ... I have the power to make people read things by Karmic osmosis. I'm awesome.

I would like to thank you, dear reader, for hanging in there through my elation, my passion, and my crazy obsession with all things Olympically related. You've been kind and supportive, even through my more insane moments. You're swell, reader!

I'd also like to thank the athletes for providing me with countless hours of entertainment, ecstasy, agony, and everything in between. Here are some final parting shots:

Apolo Ohno - you're a douchebag.
Lindsey Vonn - Julia Mancuso was right, even though she shouldn't have said it. It's not all your fault.
Kim Yu Na - you're beautiful!
Joannie Rochette - you took my breath away and made me weep.
Women Bobsleighers (of any country) - Thank you for keeping the Olympic spirit alive with your unadulterated joy and hugs. You're great!
NBC's Curling After Dark - Yes. And I did - often.
US Women's hockey players - you'll always be my heroes. You made me weep, too. I heart Julie Chu!
Evan Lysacek - You're awesome, but no more feathers, okay?
Amateur Athletes in any sport - You are why I watch the Olympics. If I could sponsor all of you, I would. I salute you!
Cheryl Bernard - You were my crush for these Olympics. I could watch you curl all day long.
Russia - Die Ruskies, Die! (and lighten up, would ya??)
Germany - Your strangle-hold of the Winter Olympics is over. What happened in Bobsledding?
Finland - Good show! Your names frustrate me, but I've never seen more grateful Olympians. Go Teemu!
Canada - you kicked *major* ass on home soil, and I couldn't be more happy and proud of you. I hope that this Olympics will help you ease some of the inferiority complex? You kick ass! There's no reason to feel like the US's more polite, well-behaved, yet less recognized and appreciated brother. You're the winner now, Canada. Especially because in the not-so-distant future, you're going to win me as a citizen. No, No. Don't thank me. You deserve me!

And does anyone know WHY there's an exhibition skate in Figure Skating and Ice Dancing? I've always wondered this....

In non-sports related news today: I'm going to go meet with Dennis to read some scenes from Lear. Oh ... I didn't tell you?

I'm playing the Fool in King Lear. Across from master teacher, Dennis Krausnick. WHOA.
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Robin said...

I found your Olympics commentary interesting ~ even on the events I DIDN'T watch, which is saying something.

And congrats on your part in Lear. Looking forward to hearing more about that:-)