Thursday, February 25, 2010

Live Blogging the Women's Hockey Gold Medal Game!

So the thought just occurred to me, while watching the US and Canadian women's teams warm up, that I should live blog the game.

Obviously I can't *actually* live blog the game - that would make my blog like Twitter, and just annoy all 25 of you faithful followers with my ridiculous and multiple posts. So I'll just write everything out here, and post it for your viewing enjoyment.

The pre-game information that you should know is that my Monkey has been giving me shit (on and off) since we knew the Canadians would be playing the Americans for the Gold. I told her that her ego was going to hurt when she suffered that long, hard fall from the pedestal in her mind. She told me that mine would hurt with the spanking I was going to receive. I told her that I didn't mind so long as she was the one to dole out the punishment. TMI? Anyway ... she's pretty cocky for a Canadian. Ergo, I'm ridiculously in love with her.

The P&G "Thank you, Mom" commercial ALWAYS makes me tear up a little ... and I think I've seen it at least 50 times over the past two weeks. Here - watch it! SHARE MY PAIN!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, CNBC - stop stalling! Start the game! (they're showing highlights from the Bronze medal match between Finland and Sweden ... the Fins won)

I think it's really stupid that there's a) no checking whatsoever in Women's hockey, and b) no fighting. Cammi Granato's co-anchor just asked her if fighting in women's hockey was unseemly. She gave him an exasperated, yet patronizing look, and talked about the high emotions of the game. That Cammi Granato is one class lady. I would have just called him a sexist asshole. Maybe that's why Polar Bear's don't anchor media shows....

Meghan Agosta - she's scary.

If I hear "Miracle on Ice" one more time, I will throw orange peels at the TV screen!

The Canadians don't only have a hockey scene on their $5.00 bill ... but it has a little girl hockey player on it. I have to say, that's really boss awesome.

More commercials ... you're right Trace ... NBC dickheads.

Best use of a Black Eyed Peas song - Canada hockey place!

Opening face off is on!

*reminding myself to breathe!*

Good defense on both sides, so far... I keep knocking on wood to disspell the bad juju commentators keep throwing out into the universe. Jinxy fezzes, that's what!

GAH! Rebounds, ladies, rebounds!

Canada's on a power play ... Julie Chu is GREAT on the power play!! consider that Power Play killed, Canada!

Amazing save by Canadian goalie Szabados ...

Liz used to play rugby with one of the Canadian defensemen, Colleen Sistorics. She's pretty cool.


Shoot! Canadian power play. Sorry, but that was one hell of an acting job.

Canada is out passing us right now... WHOA! Natalie Durwitz has balls! Four Canadians all over her - Penalty for Canada! US on the power play ... Another Canadian power play - 30 second of a 5-on-3 - come on Girls!! You can do it! Come ON!!!! Our passes are terrible right now!

Shit. Goal, Canada. Well, the ice is broken ... maybe we'll settle down a bit more.....Nope. 2-0 Canada.

End of first period. We're being out-passed, and Szabados (the Canadian goalie) is stopping everything. We need to get her moving side to side ... The cats are scared. They've run away. I'm yelling at the TV. Like, a lot. *sigh*

I want the US women's team to win because the work SOOOO hard, and get so little recognition for it in this country. They're expected to do well, because they're American - and that's what we do during the Olympics. But these women are amature athletes - they don't get paid like Lindsey Vonn. They work hard because they love the game. And more Americans don't know who they are -they don't KNOW that they've won the world Championships the last two times. They probably don't even know there IS such a thing as the Women's Hockey World Championships. It's a totally different story for the Canadian women. And I really like the Canadian women's team ... but our girls ... they deserve something special.

(My sense of humor is clearly on hold for the duration of this game)

Janis and Karen are giving me all varieties of maple-leaf flavored shit on facebook. I'm highly unamused.

The Canadian goalie just shut down a 5-on-3 penalty kill. If you're American, and are confused by that statement - that's BAD for us. I just put on my jinxed Team Canada hockey jersey - the one I wore when the US Men beat the Canadian Men. Hopefully this will stir the cosmos to the favor of the US Women....

During the 2007 Stanley Cup play-offs, my roommate, Steph, would go get naked under her blanket when the Ducks were down in the 3rd period, and *miraculously*, the Ducks would come back and win. I may call her if we haven't scored by the 3rd period ... I think Steph has the love of the Hockey Gods.

See? I'm not above ANYTHING.

GO JESSIE VETTER, GO!!!!!! GO JULIE CHU, GO!!!!!!!!! AWESOME PENALTY KILL!!!!!!!!!!!! 6. BLOCKED. SHOTS. That's *my* kind of defense!

Jillian Apps and Angela Ruggiero are about to go to blows ... I hope Angela Ruggiero kicks Apps' ass.

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! GET IN THE BELLY!!! WHY isn't the puck going in?!?! Stooopid Szabados!


Shit. End of 2nd period.

That was actually a REALLY great period. We held them, and our attacking was much better, and our PENALTY Kill was much better. No matter what - I am SOOOOO proud of these women. Such a GREAT representation for the US!! Great. Now I'm getting teary.

Coach Bradac's advice: More traffic in front of the Canadian goalie, better passes. See? Simple.

Hmmmm...maybe that "Miracle on Ice" would be handy right about now....

Nice plug for Women's college hockey, Mike. That was classy.

Pierre Maguire just shared that Brian Burke had the US Men's team in the hallway outside the women's dressing room, giving the women high-fives and well wishes as they walked out onto the ice. Then they showed the Canadian Men watching the game. In a word: Awesome. This is what the Olympics is all about.

5:10 left to go - score is still 2-0

2:51 - same score .... if you're making a move, ladies, now would be the time to do it...


37.6 seconds ...

Canada wins 2-0.

And I'm sitting on the futon, crying.

That was one HELL of a game.


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