Tuesday, February 23, 2010

National Pride vs. Human Interest

It's been made abundantly clear to me over the past few days, that the men in my life take some issue with the fact that I've been cheering for Canada. Mind you, these are American AND Canadian men. While I think it's highly charming that both nationalities of Y chromosomes are having the same problem (so cute!), I find myself on the losing end. I am the "traitor" who hates my country, who's a poser, who has no national pride.

Conversely, the women don't have a problem with this at all. In fact, even the most die-hard of my sports-loving ladies totally understands my compulsions to root for Canada.

It's occurred to me that this might be a gender differential; that maybe men, trained to love, fight, and take pride in their country - for them, that's the only option. Whereas women seem to have a heavy interest in the human interest; the stories behind the individuals or even countries who play the games.

In short, Women will root for Kazakhstan, just because they're under represented. Men will not. Women are more likely to cheer on China, who doesn't have a lot of Winter Olympic experience, but seem to be trying their darndest to master Winter sports. Men will not. Women are okay with wanting Canada to win the gold in the sport they invented on home ice. And Men ... remain surprised and dismayed that such a heinous suggestion could ever be MADE!!!! But I'm not bitter.

Okay, yes I am. I have the right to cheer for anyone I want to, damnit - be it an under-dog, a sob-story, or the proper recognition for the country who created the best game in the world. I have the right to cheer for multiple countries ... at the SAME TIME if I want! And it doesn't make me an unpatriotic poser who's just rooting for her girlfriend's country. I actually have reasons for why I'm cheering for who (and what) I'm cheering for, and FRAK YOU if you don't like it!!


I'm better now.

*picks up soap box, collects toys, and goes home.*
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jennifer from pittsburgh said...

As a woman, and an American, I have no feelings or thoughts whatsoever about who you root for ;) I'm rooting for the Americans and the Norwegians. No reason, I like Norway, that's all.
I'd LOVE to see both American hockey teams take the gold :D

Radical Bradacal said...

Hee. Thanks Jennifer. I have no feelings or thoughts about who you root for either. Norway - why not?

While I do want the Canadian Men to take gold, I am rooting for the US Women's team. Go Julie Chu!!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

There are some Pens on the Canadian team, and if they take the gold, so be it and no hard feelings. But I REALLY want the USA women to win. I just do. I have a lot of the same feelings toward the US women's hockey as I do for the US women's soccer team. I adore them, from afar, a court ordered distance, and just want them to win, win win!!!!

Phoenix said...

You might be right...it might be a guy thing. I think guys create tribes based off location (The US being the best representation of pack or tribe pride in this case, but this also extends to home sports teams, colleges, frats, blah blah blah) while women create tribes and packs based off connections with others. This is why you will see men staunchly loyal to even the crappiest of family members...while women, those that break free anyways, can usually be found creating stronger bonds and relationships with friends and lovers.

There you go. Tracy Explains it All.


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