Monday, March 22, 2010


Alexander is suave - he always says the right thing. Alexander goes to parties and has an easy laugh. He knows where the great places to hang out are. He can recommend the prefect drink for you, and smiles as he shares his knowledge. Alexander likes to smile, even though his teeth are slightly crooked. It makes him more attractive.

He wears flip-flops in the rain. His jeans are torn, his shirts are thread-bare. He always has a sweater with him, just-in-case. Alexander is always prepared for anything. He carries a book with him wherever he goes. It's always an interesting book, and people always stop to ask him about it. People love stopping to talk with Alexander.

You've never met a more charming human. When he speaks, everyone listens, even if they don't know why. He makes people feel at home. He smells like freshly mowed lawn and sea spray combined. He's the most interesting person you've never met - your instant best friend. He walks tall and upright, like an Olympian. He's been mistaken for Apollo, Adonis, and even King Arthur. Both men and women have loved Alexander.

Never egotistical, merely confident; Alexander will open doors for anyone. He will help senior citizens cross the street, and make them feel like they're 25 again. He always says, "Please," and "Thank you." Alexander knows which fork to use with which course. He is highly useful in the kitchen. He can speak three or four languages fluently. He writes Italian sonnets just for fun.

Alexander is on a first name basis with the band. He has a life-time backstage pass. He doesn't fist bump - he prefers to shake hands. His handshake is strong and warm. Alexander will always remember your name. He looks you in the eye when you talk to him, even if you have to avoid eye-contact with him. He'll give you a hug at exactly the right moment. He never turns anyone away.

His voice is low and sure. He is seen most in sun, between 60 and 72 degrees. You can find him at the beach, in the forest, or outside drinking coffee. He is not a fair-weather friend, but he won't be where you search for him - you have to let him come naturally, on his own conditions. He can be bribed with beer, music, and a good dinner party. He won't ever leave you, but he wants you to figure out your own sadness.

He can not be called, but he can be conjured.


Bathwater said...

He sounds like a beer commercial.

Phoenix said...

Bathwater is right - he does sound like the guy who drinks Dos Equis!

He also reminds me of the guy that Leona Ness sang about in the song "Charm Attack."

QueenFee said...

My nephew, you know, is Alexander. He has some big shoes to fill, but I reckon he's up for the jobQ