Saturday, March 13, 2010

So long Hollywood Video, you under-appreciated friend....

I bought 10 dvd's yesterday for less than $50.00. ($47.67, to be exact.) The Hollywood Video down the street is going out of business, and are selling everything - including the shelving.

I'm a bit upset over the Hollywood Video's demise. I don't go there more than 3 or 4 times a year, but it's been there for so long - I just assumed it would always be; for that rare HBO/Showtime series rental that I'm 3 years late in discovering, or the odd video game I want to try out before I buy. Hollywood Video helped me discover Deadwood and Big Love, Kingdom Hearts II and God of War I. It's seen me through rough bouts of unemployment, living back at home, and bad days at work.

And now it's gone.

I don't typically have retail attachments. I'm not a very good consumer when it comes to shopping for myself, outside the realms of books and music - and sometimes not even then. I still wear clothes from when I was in college. So the loss I feel at Hollywood Video's closure is slightly shocking to me. Where will I get my 3-4 times a year fix? Will I have to join Netflix like everyone else on the planet (even though this is a terrible option for someone who travels as much as I do)? How can I get my occasional video game rental without having to buy games at $50.00 a pop?? *sigh*

Ah well. Just leaves me more time for reading, I suppose. I will admit that the $47.67 I spent on the movies yesterday  (I'll include a list below so that you may judge my taste at will), was complete and unadulterated retail therapy for the shameful and acutely painful fact that my Hockey team is dying a slow, agonizing point death going into play-offs, and will likely *not* make play-offs for the first time since 2002. Hockey heartbreak is a terrible, terrible thing my friends. Damn these weird things that I love!

Without further woe and ado ... here are the 10 movies I bought at the Hollywood Video:

Coffee & Cigarettes
Star Trek (by JJ Abrams)
Whip It
Billy Elliot
Away We Go
The Color Purple
Mystery, Alaska
The Visitor
Defending Your Life (for my mom)

Why does my life suddenly seem so pathetic?
This blog post is brought to you by:

Hollywood Video
The Anaheim Ducks


Kristin Quinn said...

Pathetic? No. Great selection of movies. I never cared for Hollywood video. They used to always accuse me of not returning a video only for me to find it on the shelf myself. There is something to be said about strolling through a video store and picking up something random though. Sadly, those days are being replaced by the internet.