Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I give you ...

Rufus Hagrid (Golden Retriever, 3 years): Smart, handsome

Hermione Jean (Yellow Lab, 5 years): Doofy, love-slut

I apologize for the photo quality (or lack thereof). I stupidly left my camera at Liz's, thinking I'd want it for the Folk Fest we're going to in July, completely forgetting about the puppy prospects over summer.

Apparently I lack foresight.

We acquired these beautiful beasties from the previously mentioned dog rescue. My stepmom and sister fell in love with Hermione. I fell in love Hagrid. Can you blame me? We showed up, took each one out one at a time. Hermione is quite bossy (hence the name) - she has to take the lead on walks, and cannot abide anyone petting Hagrid if she's not being petted at the same time. She's also kind of doofy - she's a little dumb, highly excitable, ridiculously happy, and in true labrador fashion, will stop anything for kibble, treats, or any morsel of food in sight. There are times when she reminds us of Lady - in fact my dad called her "Lady" on accident tonight. I told him his Freudian Slip was showing.

Hagrid, on the other hand, is crazy smart. He knew how to heal after a day, he knows he can't jump on my bed without my permission, and figured out the doggy door in about 30 minutes (it took Hermione about a day and a half). He's also super happy, loves cuddling, and has the best puppy smile. They both have issues with "Sit" and "Stay" ... and it was pretty clear when we brought them home that Hagrid was allowed to jump up on furniture with his former family. He walked right in, jumped up on the leather couch, and looked pleased as punch. Hermione, on the other hand, is a swimmer. She jumped right into the pool ... no stairs, no people, no nothin' ... she saw that water, took a running leap, and jumped with wild abandon. It was awesome. She also goes through puddles on the street, purposefully. Hagrid's attention is reserved for moving shadows that might prove to be cats, dogs, or other living creatures. He's usually wrong.

They were sent from magic ether. And as soon as we train them to believe that the bunny and kitties do NOT want to play with them back, we will have quite the happy menagerie.

Oh - and here are some shots of me.

1) Figuring out my built-in web camera:

2) Puppy-owner bliss! (Please excuse the hair)


QueenFee said...

They are just gorgeous, my dear. Many congrats!!!