Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My hockey hero ...

My hockey hero just announced his retirement. I'm at a huge loss for words - and I can't say that it's completely out of the blue, but I had a very bright and shining glimmer of hope that he'd be back, after a tepid, luke-warm season - that included an Olympic Gold Medal.

This man is a Prince among men - the classiest, hardest-working, humblest man in hockey. And I will adore him for that, and for so much more, for the rest of my hockey-watching life. Which, so far as I'm concerned, is all of it.

He was the one I'd watch back before I even liked hockey. He's the most winning-est man in hockey, though you wouldn't know it by how quiet he is. He's been a huge proponent of friendly environmental habits, not just for himself, but his team as well. He grows the best playoff beard ever.

I'm really, really going to miss him.

Thank you, Scotty. Without you, there'd be no hockey in my life, no hero on my wall, no champion for me to cheer for, no Stanley Cup glories in my memory. The only thing I regret is not having your autograph on my Ducks jersey - with your name and number on it.

Long live #27. Long live Scott Niedermayer! You will always be my Captain Canada.

This one's for you Scott....