Monday, September 13, 2010

Things that make you go ... "WTF?!"

The celebration of 9/11 by burning the Qu'ran ... you're a douche, Terry Jones. I know it was theoretically "called down," but the planting of idiocy can infect at warp speed. I wonder how many "Americans" actually went through with it. 

Things my dogs chewed up this week, while I was running errands or acting: 
1. bottle of sunscreen
2. half of a 4 oz. canaster of chocolate nibs (don't worry, the dogs are fine)
3. my dad's eye glass case
4. my dad's eye glasses
5. my playstation 2 (I can no longer turn it on or off)

This arrived in the mail for my father a few days ago:

And because I hate ending on a morbid note, a positive WTF?!

I enjoyed my first gourmet food truck experience on Thursday night. I went with a couple of friends to Kogi's after the show, a Korean/Mexican fusion truck. Apparently, it's been featured on the Food Network. One would think that with the regularity (and, quite frankly, compulsion) in which I watch the Food Network, I'd have seen it. WTF?!

Three words: OH. MY. GOD. I had a Kimchi/Korean short rib burrito. Possibly one of the most amazing things I've ever consumed. In my life. And it was so stereotypically "LA" in its exclusivity - this truck travels locations - it's never in the same place one night after the next. To find it, you must go to their website, or sign up for their Twitter page. They have three trucks circulating in LA, one in Orange County. GO. NOW. 

Crap. Now I'm hungry. 

Thanks to Brian Clark and Stephanie Lee for foodnapping me after the show...
I'll never forget it, nor will I ever stop being grateful.


Jen said...

is the PS2 dead? I have one sitting around my house that I'm not using and don't really know what to do with :)

Phoenix said...

That looks so damn yummy. I'm sorry about your PS2...ugh. Dogs. They are definitely more high maintenance than cats.

On a more positive note, I'm so thrilled I got to see you on Friday...and I'm pretty damn jazzed about meeting your monkey next Tuesday!!

tyler said...

And yet you can't even get mad at the furry little fellows, can you?

My father's bulldog once chewed up the leather interior of his Jaguar XJ12. He didn't even get angry.