Friday, May 20, 2011

Something's rotten in the state of Tennessee...(a blog in pictures....)

And it ain't Claudius.

In case you haven't heard, or read, here's the story:

I am truly puzzled by the notion that "homosexuality" is "taught." Nobody taught me to be a homosexual. It just kind of happened, well, naturally. No one "teaches" it. I almost wish it had been taught - I might have been a lot less confused in middle school. But to go so far as banning it? When it's not in any curriculum?

Preventative/minority legislation. You know who was a big fan of that? THIS GUY:

And these guys:

My best friend Tracy wrote a really great blog post about fear. Read it. It's spot on. Fear is the original exaggerator. It's the man behind the curtain, the monster under the bed, the wind through the trees. It's a Nothing that has become Everything. So you'll understand my confusion when I hear that a state legislature is afraid of this: 

Or these guys??

Actually, I think it's because of these guys. ALL these (gay) guys:

Because according to the latest Gallup Poll, "For the first time, majority of Americans favor gay marriage." 53% in favor, 45% against. If it were a presidential election (especially in the last decade), that would almost be considered a land-slide. Their grasp of control is slipping, their vice-grip on "normal" is fading. Especially when a guy this cool...

Beam me up, Mr. Sulu. If you're the Rapture, I want in. 


Phoenix said...

This is so shitty. It seems like the more steps we as a nation take forward, the more some people stubbornly take back.

But progress (and love, and tolerance) cannot be stopped. Especially not by something as measly and squeaky as fear.

We shall overcome...