Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oi. or, why tech rehearsals and hot weather don't mix...

My latest show, The Merchant of Venice, opens tonight, which is very exciting.

You know what's not exciting? Tech rehearsals in 90+ degree heat ... tech rehearsals that involve classic Italian Renaissance costumes. Do you know how well silk, brocade, corduroy, and damask do in 90+ degree heat?

If you guessed, "In the name of everything good and pure, why, God, why?!" then you get a gold star.

Don't get me wrong, the show is great. I'm very proud of this one. Let's be honest, I'm usually proud of the shows I'm in and/or involved with. I have VERY high job satisfaction, and I'm really very lucky. But running around in clothes that don't breathe, while sweating like a horse (yes, horses sweat), is slightly less than ideal. Then again, I'm performing Shakespeare, outside, under the stars, so I should really just shut up about it, and remember that I am one lucky little clown.

In other news ...

Modest Mouse came out with a new album on July 31st, and they didn't tell me. Jerks. I bought it on itunes anyway (it was only $7.00, how could I not??) ... I then proceeded to buy the Constantines' album that was released on MY BIRTHDAY last year. I swear! These indie bands of mine need better promotion! Thus ends my $20.00 shopping spree. That was my allotment for the next few months. Hooray!

My sister made a cake from scratch last night. Who does that?! Well ... my sister, apparently. It was ridiculously good. I think the Food Network should pick her up, and create a cooking show for college students BY a college student: "Cooking in College with Caitlin" (see? it was clearly meant to be). What's that, you say? College students don't have cable/time/interest in the Food Network?? Two Words for you: Pod. Cast.

Finally, one of my best friends from High School, whom I haven't seen in years, is coming to my show tonight. This is the beauty of facebook. The ugly side of facebook, is dealing with the obligation of friending someone whom you barely know, because they are a facebook whore. And yes, with my 481 friends, you bet this little black pot is calling the kettle. I like to make the excuse that because I'm in theatre, it's totally acceptable to add people I worked on one show with for 6 weeks, for no greater reason than my name was next to theirs in the program. Am I really complaining? Absolutely not. Maybe one day I'll need that person for a job contact, write them an incredibly random, from-left-field note, and use them like the succubus actor I am. Awesome. Long live social networking!


Phoenix said...

how do you like the new albums? also: I miss you already. Oodles.

H said...

Love the photo!
Best Wishes on "Merchant."

Your post is amusing in that it consists of rants that are intermingled with gratefulness and kudos.

Oh...and as Phoenix has already asked...I'd like to know what you think of your new albums.

"Cooking in College with Caitlin"...
(Great alliteration and rhythm :-) )
Why not?