Friday, August 7, 2009

Why I fail as a commie-tree-hugging-liberal.

I ventured forth to the red, bullseyed wonderland that is Target this afternoon for some face scrub and body wash. I was successful in obtaining said items. I was also successful in obtaining 7 bottles of vitamin water (they were on sale for $1.00 a bottle!), conditioner, a pumice stone, tweezers, a new loofah, and 30 recycled blank note cards (it was either those, or buying two older Kings of Leon albums .. as the note cards are for the cast and crew of my show, and the King of Leon are just for me, I thought I would go for magnanimous).

What's wrong with this? Absolutely nothing.


I forgot my reusable bags in my car. Again. I do this pretty frequently. I have three or four cloth, reusable bags sitting in the back seat of my gas-efficient compact car. But for some ridiculous reason, I have the hardest time remembering to grab said bags before I go shopping.

I have taken great measures to secure my active participation in their use. I cleaned my car two weeks ago, throwing all of my used water/beverage containers in to the recycle bin, moved the old periodicals and books from the back seat, so that nothing - NOTHING - can interfere with me NOT seeing these bags. I even moved the damn things to the opposite back seat, so that I could catch them in the corner of my eye; and it's not like I have cloth bags that blend into the interior of my pale-gray car ... I have bold, bright, primary colors - blue, green, and red!

As per universal decree, I never remember that I've forgotten my reusable bags, sitting lonely in the back seat of my clean car in all of their primary colored glory, until I get to the check out line. I consider this particular failure one of the worst violations against my commie-tree-hugging-liberal status. I start picturing Al Gore jumping out from behind a parked Prius as I make my way to the car (Okay, maybe not jumping ... maybe side-stepping eerily), taking my membership card, and ripping it up, as horrific pictures of drowned Polar Bears and apocolyptic tidal waves appear in slide-show form on his tie.

I know this is an extreme reaction, but I can't help it. I really DO feel guilty about this, and am continually exasperated at myself for my continued failure! I am better than this! I am more aware than this! I AM a commie-tree-hugging-liberal, and proud of it!


In other commie-tree-hugging-liberal news...

Yay! for the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor!

Boo! for the continued Health Care failure!

Yay! for freed Journalists returning home!

Boo! for Glenn Beck!

Yay! for Jon Stewart!

Sorry ... but bad news just doesn't warrant hot-linking. And don't worry ... I'll post my reviews of the albums ... and maybe a couple more - just because.


Lira said...

I feel guilty about this too! It's like I need to write a B on my hand to remember them before I head to the store.

H said...

Ha! You can add me to the list of people who have the reusable bags (only to forget them in the car) too.

I agree with all of your "Yay"s and "Boo"s. Yay for Sotomayer! Oh...and Jon Stewart is right. Former President Clinton went to North Korea and got the job done! We should *definitely* give him the kudos he deserves for what he has accomplished there.

Phoenix said...

LOL I usually am able to avoid the "ah, crap, forgot my reusable bags" syndrome by plunking them into the front seat of the car when I know I'm going to the store.

Don't feel too bad. Lots of people out there don't have any reusable bags at all, lots of people out there are oblivious, lots and lots of people out there know the facts and simply don't care. Don't sweat it, girl.