Monday, October 19, 2009

GAY RAGE! or, my life in a comic strip ...

I have suddenly (and by suddenly, I mean as of three weeks ago) found myself to be the leading super-hero in a real life comic book called "GAY RAGE!"

You: ?!

Me: One of the things we do here during meetings is make up games. It just helps the meetings go by faster. Not broadcast, everyone-can-play! games, I mean privatized games. One such game popped up at a production meeting three weeks ago. My friend Tom and I were randomly talking about the gay population, in the context of second class citizens, and I said something along the lines of, "I'm not really an angry person, except for when my civil liberties are being violated..." and out of that spawned Gay Hulk ... whom no one would like when she's angry.

Now, since there's already Hulk, and this Hulk is heavily copyrighted, branded, and lawyered to death - Gay Hulk is now Gay Rage.

Allow me to illustrate how far this life comic has spread.

Gay Rage has a side-kick (Tom) named Angry Man. He looks like a homeless lumberjack, drinks a lot of Jameson, and gets really angry on behalf of the socially disenfranchised. Gay Rage has arch nemeses: Mr. Peterman (Enrico), the closeted Washington D.C. lobbyist who actively fights against the Equal Marriage Lobby, and Kitty Coolidge (Kelley, my housemate) the New Jersey Mom who wreaks havoc with huge hair and too much make-up (who Gay Rage is simultaneously repulsed by and attracted to*)...

Gay Rage's mild-mannered alter-ego is Wellesley Professor of English Literature and Poetry, Angela Derrick. Professor Derrick's star student, Wendy Windsor (Kelly, partner), serves as Gay Rage's personal assistant and information source. When someone is being oppressed, Wendy knows the who and where of the situation, and is quick to inform Gay Rage and Angry Man.

Wendy and Angry Man have an on-again, off-again affair.

Gay Rage/Angela also have a ghostly mentor. Literally. Skulking in and around the halls of Wellesley is Amelia Bouchard (Meg), a Wellesley Professor who died in 1919, who, whispily, has taught (and continues to teach) Angela/Gay Rage everything she knows.

There are several more characters in development.

This went from being a funny, tongue-in-cheek joke to becoming a thing ... that nearly everyone I've come across wants to be a character in. I've been given several suggestions that this should become an actual comic book. I've even had suggestions that it should be turned into claymation, puppet theatre, and a youtube video.

Oh ... there is more to come, my friends.

A Theme Song is in the works. And I am SOOOOO not kidding.

*It was dictated to me by my cohorts that every super hero is supposed to have an arch nemesis that they are attracted to. This is just in the comic book, not in life-life. I love you, Monkey! :)
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Phoenix said...

ooooh, oooh, me, me! Can I be a character? I love this!!!

H said...

Very creative!
What fun! :D