Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Wednesday...

I had a lot of thoughts and observations swirling around in my head today. And without the need for explanation, without the desire to try and string them together in an interesting, yet organized way; I will list them, and hopefully allow the crazy nature of my brain to shine through and entertain you in some proximity.

[in no particular order]
I need to learn the rules of Rugby.

I want to be smarter about saving money.

80's fashion should NOT be the current fashion; it was bad then, and it's worse now.

Matt Damon has a mean South African accent.

The Ducks need to win!

I hate being disappointed in people I love.

I need to do my laundry.

I have such wonderful, amazing people in my life!

I am humbled by the kindness of strangers.

Why are there no young adult fiction heroes who are girls?

I should write a young adult fiction series with a girl hero.

How would I even do that?

I need a good name.

Maybe I *should* apply to graduate school this year.

My room is a mess.

I wish I were better at sending out Christmas Cards.

Men should not be allowed to comment on the menstrual cycle. EVER.

I wonder which bags I should take with me?

I can't wait to fly to Calgary!

I LOVE my girlfriend!

Sarah Palin needs to suffer the pangs of obscurity.

I am way too addicted to Farmville.

I ordered two bean burritos, not one.

I want to snuggle.

For a little white creature in a green backyard, the bunny is really good at hiding.

I miss Lady.

I want snow!


What does it even mean to be a "hipster" anymore?

Why can't sports take over for warfare?

Me love cookies!

LED lights suck and they hurt my eyes and should not replace normal twinkle lights!

I kind of miss World of Warcraft.

I love Paula Deen more and more every time I see her.

I really am an Aries.

I think this Christmas is going to be one of the best Christmases ever!
This blog post is brought to you by:

Sony Vaio
Invictus (in theatres now!)
The Market Broiler
My Amazing Girlfriend
Bob & Doug


Phoenix said...

Fantastic list. I'd like to point out that it seems more and more these days that sports isn't taking over for warfare, per se, but it IS starting to resemble it a bit too much.

I really, really want to see Invictus. Is it coming soon to a theater near me? ;)

Have fun in Calgary, sweetie. I'll catch you in February.

H said...

Have a FABULOUS time in Calgary!