Monday, February 22, 2010

Dumb Happiness: A Mish-Mash...

My darling best friend has written/composed a blog entry/collage about happiness. She needs some extra happiness today, I think. Really, who *couldn't* use some extra happiness today. Although I'm twisting this a little ... I'm entitling mine: Dumb Happiness.

    in case today is your birthday ... or you like llamas ...
                              photo credit

                                   photo credit

Kind of gay. Kind of awesome.
                  photo credit

   I don't know what this is, but I like it! photo credit

                             photo credit

Why? Who knows. but it has black olive eyes and marshmallow teeth!
                              photo credit

This probably didn't make him happy, but it's kind of an incredible photo (if it's real!)
                  photo credit

And so, we shall go to war! photo credit

hee hee hee! this might be my favorite. Photo credit

And yet I think it's hilarious. Photo credit
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Phoenix said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you. A million times.

::hugs to my bestie::

Kristin Quinn said...

Haha!! I love it. Now off to read Tracy's...

Homesick Cajun said...

Lmao...made me laugh! Thanks...I needed it!

Radical Bradacal said...

I think I might need to make this a weekly blog post...