Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Great Blogosphere

I've become increasingly impressed with this intricate and extensive sub-culture of the blogosphere. Here is this self-publishing avenue of massive proportions - there are hundreds of thousands, nay, millions of people who write blogs, blogs about anything and everything.

Blogs about epic fails, awkward family photos, blogs for brides, a blog for off-beat brides, a blog for cake disasters, a blog for crazy cats and even crazier captions - fitness, cooking, culture, how-to, crafts, advice, gay, straight, professional writers, moms, publicists, gardeners, all of the above - Blogs have become the best of what humanity has to offer. They make us laugh, they make us think, they inform, they share - they remind us of how completely linked and similar we are to each other. And in times like ours, I can't think of anything we need more.

Let me give you an example of how interconnected we are.

I started this blog because of this woman, and found a mutual friend who writes this blog. Upon my first trip to Calgary (and consequently falling head over heels in love with my monkey), I met *this* amazing woman, who's recently restarted her blog, and my future brother-in-law who just started this stunning piece of prose. And the blog I've been reading the longest - a mutual friend of many online and real life mutual friends.

We're even more interconnected, as many of you reading this follow more than just one the blogs I've linked above. Holy cow!

So here we all, sending our thoughts, feelings, observations, and quandaries out into the cyber world - soul valentines released into ether, hoping to connect with one other person - one other soul that will say, "Yeah, I know what that's like," or "I think that's funny too!" or "Wow, that touched me." And if we're lucky, it's more than one, and we get to share our soul just a little bit more. And is there any greater gift?
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QueenFee said...

So true, and very well said, my friend! ANd thanks for including my blog in your list...exalted company indeed! xx

Lira said...

I started my blog as a way for my dad to be able to constantly keep up with my LA adventures. He does not follow my blog. But others do, and they've been so encouraging and supportive (some followers even linking me! :) In a world where many of us are slaves to our computer and unable to go out and enjoy real live people, the blogosphere and online social networks allow us to catch up, kvetch, and compliment our loved ones, and even strangers, making our own world that much richer. Keep writing, AB! I love reading you.

Phoenix said...

I love that you blog; and I'm so thrilled that I had something to do with it. I started my blog because my emotional life seized me by the collar one day and said, "start writing this shit down or you will die keeping it buried inside."

So I listened. :)