Friday, June 11, 2010

10 Random Things from a Week in my Life

1. I took the bandage off of my toe yesterday. I have a giant hole where skin (and a wart) used to be. No, it doesn't hurt. It's just weird to look at.

2. Remember me blogging about my crazy, fanatical fantasy hockey exploits? I started my own fantasy baseball league. Their are 8 teams in the league. I'm in 7th place. *sigh* Epic fail.

3. I've cried three times this week. The reasons don't matter. But I've had a slight, yet constant dehydration headache. Suck.

4. I don't have a huge thing for Vampire fiction. I read the Twilight series, but for the sole purpose of proving to my sister why it was crappy, rather for my own pleasure. In fact, I was so mortified at the misogyny in book 2, that I threw it across the room, and almost didn't pick it up again, except for a burning stubbornness I had about finishing them. I wish I hadn't. Anyway, that being said, I've started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. And I like them. It's also my first audio book experience. I'm not sure my auditory skills are very acute - I have to keep back-tracking.

5. Music you should buy now: The Hold Steady's latest album - "Heaven is Whenever" and Bettye LaVette's album - "Interpretations: The British Songbook." The Hold Steady's album is just a gem - I promise you won't regret it. Bettye LaVette's album takes the American Southern Blues inspired songs written by Brits under their rock interpretation, and returns the songs to the origin of their inspiration. It's genius. Get a whiff of this:

Her cover of Led Zeppelin's "All of My Love" is awe-inspiring. Seriously. Do it.

6. As an Aries, I'm not very good at being taken for granted. In fact, I really hate it. I'm also not incredibly good at being patient and waiting for things that I want. I am, usually, very good at making what I want happen, or trying my darndest to make them happen. As a result of all these facts, I've been ridiculously frustrated. Add in some hormones, and oh BOY has it been a party! This has all helped contribute to item #3. My poor, kind girlfriend has had some doozy phone calls this week. I'm sure the sound of me in tears is getting old.

7. As a fairly loyal and enthusiastic sports fan, I feel I should be really excited about the World Cup. I'm not.

8. Things that have made me increasingly happy: my dog, doing just about anything; my girlfriend, by just being who she is; great music, see above; writing the script for the impending benefit; alphabetizing my DVD collection; June gloom and heavy marine layers; HBO shows; the Chicago Blackhawks; the Boston Celtics; the upright citizen's brigade; my trip to Calgary in July.

9. I finally joined Netflix. I'm simultaneously thrilled and disgusted. I might never come out of my room.

10. I'm going to go see Shrek 4 tonight. I've been waiting to see this film since April. The amount of excitement I have over this venture should probably be embarrassing. But it's not.

I hope you all have a very awesome weekend!


Phoenix said...

I'm more weirded out that I'm NOT really a sports fan but the World Cup always gets me giddy. I think it's the British roomie influence? Dunno.

You can bring me hummus anytime, sweetheart. And I'm so grateful I got to see you for my birthday :)