Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Great and Mysterious Lesbian Code ... PROVED.

In case you need a refresher...

Chapter 2 (strangely disabled embedding):

Chapter 5 (again with the disabled embedding...)

BAM. Did I tell you? Or did I TELL YOU??!!

I fully concede the 4th and 5th chapters are ... crazy gay, and not in a cool, campy way. Sometimes, the lesbian code is painful. This is what happens when we are forced to lick the discarded sub-text scraps Hollywood condescends to throw our way. We fantasize about it obsessively and then put it on YouTube, to share with each other like a lesbian ocular orgy.

Welcome to my life as a sexual minority seeking entertainment.

Now, at least this little video ... which comes with the charming "Lesbian Code" song, written and sung by Alix Dobkin ... makes fun of itself - in fact, it's actually pretty hilarious.