Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy belated 150 posts, Polar Bear!

So, apparently I passed the 150 post mile stone 6 posts ago. OOPS!

To celebrate this un momentous occasion, I thought I'd post some nuggets for you. Because you take the time to read this blog, God love ya, and I should be entertaining. And really, who doesn't want an excuse to look at awesome things on a Wednesday???

I totally want to give a whale a high-five someday.


Every creature deserves their own security blanket and teddy bear.

Admit it! You totally wish you could do this right now!

My personal motto. As supplied by StumbleUpon.

Little known fact: Polar Bears like to frolic in flowers, but only if they are purple.

Looks like someone drew the short straw...

Oh Art! Transforming "derelict" into "urban chic" since 4000BC.

Thanks for reading, my peeps. Here's to a 150ish more.


Anonymous said...

keep posting like this it’s really very good idea, you are awesome!