Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Potpourri...or, Yay Adult ADD!

I have come to the conclusion that my past failure in writing and maintaining a blog is due to the fact that I have so many ideas throughout the day, then either lose them all to forgetfulness, or the realization that the thought is more of a statement than a subject, and gets lost to brevity.

For example:

Vladimir Guerrero (my favorite Angel) hit his 400th home run last night. Awesome, right? but what else can I possibly say about this? Except maybe that I'm going to a game tonight (it's Mike Napoli bobble head night!), and ABBA is playing on my itunes player as I write this. Butch, meet Girly. Girly, Butch. Now both of you dwell within my soul and make me a non-entity within the gay community. Mmmmmkay thanks!

Other things which have been clouding my already foggy, twisted, and ridiculous brain:

Sitcom writers of the 70's and 80's are far superior than current sitcom writers ... I am specifically referring to Cheers and The Golden Girls. The great thing about both of these shows, is that the characters, and thereby, the actors, were real people. If either of these shows were created today, it would be a swank lounge in Malibu, and Norm and Cliff would be 10 lbs heavier than the rest of the cast, wearing reading glasses and clothes from Target, rather than Ben Sherman. And The Golden Girls would be in their mid-late 40's, experimenting with different botox injections. In essence, craptastic.

Cliff: I don't see what the fuss is over this whole will business. When I die, everything goes to ma.
Norm: That's great, Cliff, but what if she dies first?
Cliff: Shut up. Shut up, Peterson. SHUT UP, THE WHOLE SICK LOT OF YOU.
Dorothy: Blanche, are you sure you're pregnant?
Blanche: I just did a home pregnancy test - it's right here.
Rose: It looks like a perfume sample.
Dorothy: Put it behind your ears, Rose.

......I rest my case.
Non-sequitor ... facebook has been doing weird things, lately ... like losing comments, and then rearranging them. Stupid facebook! How can I procrastinate effectively if you're not working properly?!
Job hunting, by the numbers ...

36 jobs applied to
7 different resumes
5 different letters of interest
2 writing samples
2 positive, yet vacant responses
100 hours (approximately) spent working on any/all of the above

Favorite new song of the moment

It seems that most of the people on my facebook are either married, getting married, giving birth, or are currently pregnant. The movies and television shows have been warning me about this stage of life for a long time now, I just never thought it would happen all at once. But then again, my concept of time is rapidly disintegrating - so I'm sure all of this has been coming on for the past few years ... but still. This adult business is strange and weird and wonderful all at the same time. I frequently find myself torn between fantasizing about shaving my head into a mohawk, listening to the Clash and The Ramones while eating Del Taco bean and cheese burritos (while, yes, drinking iced tea), and suddenly feeling the urge to nest. Which is why I fully intend on doing both. At the same time. Yeah. I'm a rebel.

My best friend Phoenix's blog details the birth of her best friend's first child - it is both hilarious and touching. I suggest that all 5 of you go read it. Well ... 4, really ... Tracy is one of the 5 of my followers. I'm sure she's already read her own blog.

Also ... if you scroll down to the previous post, you'll note that her web series is one of 37 official selections for the New York Television Festival. Don't know what that is? I didn't either ... but it sure sounds cool, and apparently the TV show Fringe was picked up from this festival a few years ago. As I think Hell Froze Over is FAR superior to Fringe, here's hoping my best friend knocks them on their proverbial laughing asses, and gets picked up. Also, my other good friend Kristin has a guest spot on this show. In a three-some. HOT!

(By the way, one of the coolest things to happen to me in my young formative life involved Kristin, and someone thinking that a) she might be a lesbian, and b) might be dating me. And because Kristin is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but a beautiful human being, I still (clearly) wear this fact as a badge of honor. Kristin is not a lesbian, for the record, but a friend to all. Even me. I think. I don't want to presume too much...damnit. Now I'm being vocal with my hidden insecurities....)

You can YouTube Hell Froze Over here.

For my final act of randomness, I really wish the people over at Apple would figure out how to make a way for Christmas songs to not be played in shuffle until the 1st of December. I just listened to Winter Wonderland in 78 degree heat. Wait. Sorry, that is a semi-normal Southern Californian Christmas. Uhm ... still. It's August. Hockey season hasn't even started yet. *le sigh* .... only 37 days until pre-season ....

This blog was brought to you by:

Vitamin Water
radish earrings
The Anaheim Ducks
The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


H said...

It's the end of another long day and I'm lovin' your randomness.

Phoenix said...

Hey! thanks for the links and shout-outs and general all-around awesomeness. Tis true, Christmas songs should not be played until the 1st of December...and Halloween candy should not be sold until the 1st of October. I barely avoided the Halloween section at the grocery store yesterday...not cool.

Facebook HAS been doing weird things...and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about your job hunting.

This comment was brought to you by boredom at work, utter adoration for you and your writing, and the need to wander off somewhere and go find lunch.

love you...